Services Continued

Air Brush Spray Tanning

Full Body   $37.99

Chest-Up   $15.99

Legs Only   $13.99

Face Only   $6.99

Winter Tan (Chest-Up)   $24.99

Express Full Body Air Brush   $45.00

Air Brush Packages

Full Body 4 Sessions   $85.00

Full Body 6 Sessions   $135.00

Full Body 10 Sessions   $185.00

All Air Brush Sessions are by appointment only.

Skinny Beach Lipolight System

The Skinny Beach Lipolight System is a new innovative alternative to liposuction. Treatments consist of flexible pads that are lined with infared light, that shrinks the fat cells. This an awesome way to contour those stubborn areas that never seem to go away.  These treatments are by appointment only.

1 Treatment...$39.99

4 Treatments...$140.00

6 Treatments...$175.00

12 Treatments...$215.00

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