Learn More About Sunny Daze Tanning Salon L.L.C.

Sunny Daze Tanning Salon, formerly Mary's Tanning Isle, has been in Champaign County for over 25 years and is a mainstay in the community.  We have such loyal and amazing customers that we feel like family.

The staff is fully certified by the Smart Tan Network and is completely knowledgeable in any questions that you may have about tanning, lotions, skin care, etc,.

This Salon is owned by Sheryl Cain who is Certified in Basic Indoor Tanning, and who also has a Masters Training in Skin Care, Spray Tanning, Vitamin D benefits through UV exposure, proper sanitaion and Marketing and Business skills.



"I don't think I have ever felt more relaxed yet alive. The stress from the week and all my worries just melted away thanks to the treatment I got at Sunny Daze Tanning Salon L.L.C.." Melanie T